"Saraiah played her 1st hoop game of the fall and was the star of the show. Playing in an all boys league, she shut down the teams top scorer with her tenacious D. Last week he scored 24, this week she scored 6! Boxing him out every time down the floor, out hustling him to a team high of 8 rebounds, and getting her 2 of her 3 points off an offensive board. And finished filling the stat sheet with 5 assists! Thanks so much for your time put in at camp. It really improved her confidence and has given her an increased love for the game."

Thanks so much my man!

- Greg Ervin-Kansas City

"We sent our son Trae to the Broken Arrow, OK camp the last week in July and we were very, very pleased!! Your staff went out of their way to truly teach my son. He went into it rather insecure in his skills and came out feeling like a pro! The self-confidence he gained from your camp is priceless! We are truly very appreciative!"

- Gina D. (mother of Trae)

"All 3 children show more confidence during real league games played during the camp session. On those evenings during actual competitive games, some of the drills taught were actually used.I witnessed a spin move that was never used before. Moves that had been used before became more fluid."

- Mother of 3 Daughters (Ages 11,12 and 14)

"There was one coach that Damon favored and that was Coach Abby. He talks about him all the time now and I even caught him trying to do a Michael Jackson move yesterday when he didn't think anyone was looking. It was hilarious. I know Coach Abby tried to go to one of his games and it ended up being canceled, so I was wondering if you could forward this to him and maybe he can surprise Damon and show up at one of his games in the near future. That is if he isn't too busy. Please feel free to have him email me. Thanks again for all you guys did! You will definitely see him again in the future!"

- Michelle D. (mother of Damon)