"My son Colton just attended your camp in Lewisville, Texas, and loved it. He said it was lots of hard work but that he could tell an improvement in one day. We got home and he went to the gym and got in my truck afterwards and said, "mom I could see such a big difference in my dribbling and ball control, that camp did me good." I owe this to your camp and the coaches you have. Thanks for making a difference in my son's life..."

-Patricia G. (mother of Colton)

Alan Smith, Member

"Our Falseriver Girls team just attended the Madisonville camp.The first camp they ever attended. The gentlemen were very good teachers. They were fun but educational. We learned a great deal and improved from Mon to Wed 100%. Thank them for their hard work and fun."

- Lisa C. (Madisonville. LA Camp)

Jessica Priston, Member

Inner Circle Sports employs some of the most motivated, positive and encouraging coaches, trainers and staff around the United States.

We pride ourselves in helping young athletes realize their dreams to succeed, work hard, and reach their athletic potential.

It is important to us that we bring as much energy, discipline and passion for the game as they do.

Patrick Pool, Member